Plumber – Operation Assistant

Want to be good at what you do and get paid well for it?

Well organized trucks and shop, and relaxed environment. East Bay company with over 20 years in plumbing and heating repairs and renovations. Job security and maximum compensation for a competent person with minimum 3-4 years experience. This is an opportunity for a plumber/pipefitter, who is able to help set up jobs, order materials, and do estimates.

Advantage/opportunities working for Independent Plumbing and Heating

  • Organized shop, trucks, inventory, job procedures to reduce stress and increase salary
  • Residential work is less dangerous than commercial construction
  • Jobbing doesn’t have the same pressures to meet a bid construction price
  • Overtime and after-hours on-call hours available but not mandatory
  • Doing the work yourself- take pride in the work- nobody can take responsibility beside you
  • Job manager responsibilities allow a person to not have to be out in the field 40 hours a week
  • More flexibility and less physical labor
  • Working for different customers and working in different places every day is a little more interesting than working in the same place in new or commercial construction
  • Working in a clean, more relaxed environment
  • Independence and responsibility
  • Full technical support
  • Doing the job right as opposed to rushing to do the job fast
  • Good customer relations
  • Long term job security for someone who can do the job well
  • Training and education
  • Apprentice registration and assistance in journeyman’s test
  • Not as much exposure to heat/cold as new construction
  • No drain cleaning
  • Better than average pay and compensation
  • Employees treated with respect
  • Help raise the standard for quality of work and service in residential plumbing and heating
  • Help raise the standard of how a plumbing shops are managed and how employees are treated
  • Opportunity to be good at what you do and be recognized and paid for it

Call and let’s have a conversation, all inquiries are confidential.

(401) 253-6741