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  • TOILET REPAIRS leaking toilets are the major cause of high water bills.
  • HEATING REPAIRS we repair hot water and steam heating systems, and we are there in the winter when you need us the most.
  • DRAINAGE REPAIRS AND RE-PIPING old cast iron and copper drainage doesn’t last forever. Old steel kitchen drain piping gets blocked up easily. It makes sense to upgrade to modern materials.
  • FAUCET REPAIRS AND REPLACEMENTS an annoying drip can be repaired, but sometimes it’s more cost-efficient, not to mention better looking, to replace that old faucet.
  • CEILING LEAKS often the culprit is a toilet wax seal, or a tub shower mixing valve needing repair. It’s better to catch it soon to avoid major work or mold problems.
  • GAS PIPING add a new appliance, or replace old piping to avoid costly repairs on equipment, or a possible leak.
  • BOILER REPLACEMENTS that Eisenhower era boiler may bring back fond memories, but it may be time to change to something more efficient.
  • WATER HEATER REPLACEMENTS we stock a 40 gallon gas water heater for emergency replacements, but sometimes it’s better to replace the heater before there’s water on the floor.
  • WATER RE-PIPING both emergency repairs and to serve new fixtures.
  • FIXTURE UPGRADES Avocado Green and Harvest Gold were pretty cool in the day, but…
  • SUMP PUMP INSTALLATIONS in March 2010 we found many houses whose basements had been dry in the past, were flooded.
  • GARBAGE DISPOSAL REPAIRS AND REPLACEMENT we stock InSinkErator garbage disposals, but sometimes a simple repair will do the trick.
  • OUTSIDE FAUCET REPAIRS AND REPLACEMENTS frostproof type outside faucets can be left on in the winter time (with a hose disconnected, of course).
  • WASHER AND DRYER HOOKUPS the convenience of first and second floor laundry centers avoids climbing stairs with an arm full of clothes, not to mention those spiderwebs…
  • DRAIN CLEANING, WELL WORK, AND WATER TREATMENT we don’t do this, but call us and will refer you to competant tradespeople who do.
  • PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE CHECK LIST will go through your house and help find problems before they cause damage and aggravation